My Lomo Milestones: Bragging Rights


Five years into Lomography, here are some of my modest accomplishments so far.

Credits: renenob

It has been almost five years since I first got a hold of my Holga as I began my lomographic journey. With what I have accomplished so far, I am a bit confident in saying that I am truly a bona fide lomographer.

Here are some modest milestones the I have achieved:

Looking at my lomohome, I am quite please with my numbers. I have 5,316 uploaded photos! Of course, it is nowhere near mephisto19, but it still means that within 4 years and 8 months, I have been shooting at an average of almost 24 shoots a week. Personally, that’s not bad at all!

I am not exactly a very social person, yet I have 415 lomo friends in my home, and even more from a local group that I belong to, Shutter Revolution. It is also quite flattering that I was even invited to become one of the moderators of the group.

Photo by Manuel Chua

I have 63 article published in less than two years! I can’t even imagine now how I did it.

Among my articles, I am extremely happy that some of my tipster seem to be helpful to others. I have evidence. For example, in the article by pearlgirl77, I saw that she was using my Diana Mini Click Guide!

Even Lomo heavyweight hodachrome got to use one of my tips. Here is his LC-A collection (I know, it’s crazy!). Notice his White Edition? There is a negative covering the meter. He got that from me. Every time I see one of his gorgeous redscales, I’m thinking I might be a part of it.

Speaking of camera collection, I am not doing bad myself. I have 10 cameras on active duty. On January, my recently purchased Horizon Perfekt will make my collection perfect!

Lastly, I would like to thank Lomography (International and Asia) for distinctions bestowed on me; namely: two-time Lomohome of the Day, one-time photo of the day, and of course the prestigious LomoGuru citation!

Credits: renenob

As I continue my journey, I am excited over future lomo milestones that I am yet to achieve.

written by renenob on 2012-11-30 #lifestyle #film #analogue #lomography #milestone #accomplishments

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