Me and My Lomo-Tongue

2012-12-17 2

Today, I’d like to introduce you to someone. She is small and chubby. She loves to move and is incapable of standing still for a second. In addition, whenever she sees a camera, she feels the unstoppable need to show off and pose for a photo.

Looking through my lomo albums to search for a self-portrait, I’ve noticed something: My tongue is everywhere.

It might be that my tongue always has to be center stage; she refuses to be inside my mouth and not being photographed.

I guess she must be thinking _ "No more being hidden, I want to be just like your eyes, ears and nose! Always out! From now on, I will compete against them! "_ There she is again. Every time she sees a lens, she slips between the teeth… and bang, she is in the foreground!

You see, my tongue does not care much about the time and the situation. Day, night, on the beach, in the car or at home. Partying or working.

She is always willing to be in the photo. But, without any shadow of doubt, the photos she likes the most are the ones taken with the Instant Back for Diana F+ -instant-back because she doesn’t have to wait for the photo lab to develop the roll, she can see the photos right away.

What about you? Are you also the proud owner of a lomo-tongue? Don’t be shy and leave the link of your portraits in the comments.

written by sibux on 2012-12-17 #lifestyle #photos #tongue #lomo #portraits #selfportraits #sibux #lomo-tongue
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