My Redscale Love and Hate Story

2012-11-28 3

Redscale, mainly at the beginning, caused these contradictory feelings in almost every Lomographer. This is my own story with this film, both sought and avoided.

When Lomography first introduced Redscale films more than three years ago (if I’m not mistaken), I was among the ones that bought and tried them a bit thoughtlessly. By then, one single roll could last for weeks, even months, inside my camera, so I had the opportunity of trying it in different light conditions and with the three cameras I had.

So far, so good, but just imagine my face every time I read a review or comment. “It needs a lot of light, I’m not so happy with the results, I hate redscale…”. But I decided not to pay attention and trust in beginner’s luck. This is what I found when I got my pics developed.

Let’s start with the Supersampler – the first camera I loaded and the one in which the roll took longer to finish. When I took it back from the lab I found pics from the Pyrenees, Córdoba, Llanes, Porto and back to the Pyrenees, almost a whole year of my life summarized in a single roll. I’d had been happier if something could’ve been distinguished in the pics, but, considering that I never got on well with my Supersampler and how dark the pics came out, I was a bit disappointed.

Judge by yourselves, while I keep wondering how the heck could a pic taken in August, in Córdoba and at noon come out so dark. Maybe the heat “fried” the film?

I wasn’t so lucky with the Fisheye, although I must admit my beginner’s mistake here. Most of the pics in this roll were taken indoors, during several meetings with friends. As you can imagine, Fisheye’s flash, 100 ISO and a dimly lit restaurant weren’t a winning combination, and I got these gloomy pics.

Well, OK, this came out fine.

I have to admit that I slightly cheered up when I saw the results I got with the Diana mini, and started thinking that maybe redscale wasn’t that bad. Like before, this roll contained pics from Valladolid, Vigo, Zaragoza, and Jaca, indoors and outdoors, night and day… Well, Diana mini is more versatile and with the possibility of changing apertures and using B mode, I was able to control my pics a little more. There are some photos in this roll with which I’m especially happy and even a couple of them made me win some competitions.

Even though, once I finished these rolls I decided to take a break from redscale, read a bit more and prepare my photos better. Reading, I also found a lot of complaints about how difficult it is to scan and that some labs don’t scan it properly. I didn’t give another chance to redscale until Redscale XR were launched, but that’s another story and shall be told another time.

But don’t be sad, mi story with Redscale 100 has a happy ending! I tried it again not long ago, doing doubles with atria007 and I loved the results. OK, Merys’ art has a lot to do with this amazing pics, but don’t spoil my redscale happiness!

written by mochilis on 2012-11-28 #gear #red #film #story #review #redscale #love #hate #requested #november-2012
translated by mochilis


  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I feel your frustration. I found it works best when I use my LC-A+

  2. mochilis
    mochilis ·

    @neanderthalis: yes, last pics were taken with my LC-A+ and made me want to buy some more redscale rolls. Thanks for reading! ;)

  3. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Most Lomo camera will not give you the degree of aperture and shutter control you need to get good redscale. I only 'got' redscale when I shot a 100 ISO roll at ISO 50 through my Mamiya 330.

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