Tracing your Lomo Beginnings: Here Comes Medium Format!


I totally confess what I did with my digital cameras. I loved her, I did. But I met someone else really amazing! I know, I am sorry! But, I cannot live without medium format now. Let me tell you my story about how I fell in love with medium format and I have been ditching my digital gears more often lately!

B&W medium format contact print

I will never forget that day, the day when I met her, the first medium format camera I ever owned!

That was summer 2010. I was back in Japan to see my family and friends. I was already super geeky about camera gears, so I often went to this camera shop I always go near my house. I was thinking about buying some lenses for my digital SLR gear, but that day, I found a Ricoh GR Digital in that store. I told myself “wait, wait for it. don’t buy it right away, you’d better think about it first.” So, I left the shop and went home, and made it sleep for a night. So, next day, I went back again before hanging out with my sister and her friends. I thought it would be nice to have high-end digital point and shoot. I walked in, and had a chat with store owner. Apparently they knew I was also looking for the medium format camera. One of guys who work there, mentioned “hey, we got this from the buyer last night.” They showed me this beautiful classic film camera with two lenses. I was furious.

I fell in love at first sight, even though I was not sure how to operate this classical machine. But the angel side of me told me to “wait, wait for it.” Meanwhile, the evil side of me was whispering, “JUST BUY IT!” I actually waited, but I went back to the store next morning, and I purchased my lovely Yashica-D 6×6 medium format.

I left my all the digital gears at home, I brought Yashica-D to shoot. (except using my Nikon D-SLR to meter for Yashica-D since it is manual metering). Ah, It was just a dreamy time.

However, my real first shot was blank since I left the lens cap on the bottom lens of my Yashica TLR. But everything else was well captured. I was so excited about shooting medium format. It is just amazing result with bigger film size!

I brought back Yashica-D to Canada after the vacation, showed to my friend, @gelagoo, she mentioned about Lomography again to me to start sharing analog photos. @gelagoo had been mentioning about Lomography since while ago, but honestly I was really hooked with this digital camera hype things, I was not really looking. But, since I was hooked with medium format, I was really interested in Lomography. I did not have much photos to upload, so I just kept shooting with my Yashica-D for a while.

Yashica-D has been capturing so many great shots. I mentioned this on the Lomo-Amigo article as well, but I love sharing my photos with others to make them happy. One summer, I did a casual family portrait for my good friend. After developing the shots, and showed to her, she simply loved it. I am always delightful to see people smile with my photos, it just makes my day.

At that time, I realized something, because people kept asking me while shooting with Yashica-D. “Don’t you take photos with digital camera? Isn’t digital camera better?” I realized that I was out from the digital SLR hype. and I was so into this analog film syndrome! I talk about films, how great it is, and how we should support film. It is so amazing how I was converted by this medium format camera. I was wondering about why people were protesting about films, but hey, look myself, I am already converted!

One day, I remembered about @gelagoo and how she was telling me to join Lomography. I did have an account since long time ago, and all my piggies were expired since I was not active at all (I was on the other online photo sharing website a lot). Now, I have so many film photo stocks that I can upload, and I am the guy who easily gets into one thing once I love it. Since then, I have been shooting film photography often, develop them, scan them, and upload them on Lomography.

Various photo sets I got now!

I got so many comments and message, visits and likes on my photos and walls.

I am just addicted to Lomography, and sadly my digital gears are more obsolete nowadays. The photo sharing website I used to go everyday, I do not pay much attention anymore, to be honest. I guess I still do take photos with digital cameras, and it is such great technology, I can still learn and there are so many things about photography I would like to learn and improve through the digital photography as well.

However, now I simply like to enjoy what I do and what I take with my film photography, or even digital photography. I used to take photos for sport team, wedding, and family portrait. I enjoy just being myself and shoot whatever I want. I think, that is something I learn through Lomography, too. Just be myself.

I guess that is how much more I got into film photography and Lomography! It was the fate to see her, Yashica-D. I hope everyone got your own story to tell, share, and share the Lomo love. If anyone got similar story like mine, we can share the same feeling, too! If you are the one who has not got hooked with Lomo yet and browsing information to see what you can get, don’t rush! Yours will come sooner or later, you just need to let it be, just like my angel side always talks to me “Wait, just wait, think about it!” Or, go to Lomography Online Shop to start browsing which one can be your fate!

Don’t worry, be happy.

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