adam_g2000's Lomo Milestones: When Online Isn't Enough

2012-12-03 1

As Lomography celebrates its 20th Anniversary I’m celebrating a much more humble occasion. It’s my first!

Credits: adam_g2000

“I’ve accomplished many things during this years journey, but that’s a story for another day…”

That was how I left my last article. Well, this is that other day.

There are two sorts of accomplishments I consider milestones in this hobby (is it a hobby, or more like an obsession? I digress). These are personal milestones and community milestones. Within the online community there are many great people, and many great opportunities. A few things stand out from the community, watching one of my first truly Lomographic photos achieve more than 400 likes was genuinely satisfying.

My first shot to achieve more than 400 likes.

The next great milestone was being accepted as a contributor to the magazine. One of my greatest personal achievements was teaching my trade in a professional college for a year. I had to give it up when my second child was born — I could no longer afford the time, so writing my Back to Basics series allowed me to continue this, though for my hobby. I love to help and the feedback was marvelous.

Back to Basics started with a bang! I didn’t always use my images, some were brilliant community shots.

Then there was the rumble at the end of the series — how much fun was that to come up with. When I came up with the idea of the rumble I didn’t really think the Editors would be open to it, but they were, very much so. When you talk to these, wonderful, people you really do see that when they say community, they mean community. You may still have time to enter it here: The Great Back to Basics Rumble: Capturing Time

I was disappointed to discover that we didn’t have our own Lomo store here in Auckland, New Zealand, and that there were very few events, there hasn’t been one since I took up the hobby. I figured I’d give it a whirl and try to coordinate something. Using Facebook and this website, I contacted all the Lomographers in Auckland and asked them if they were keen to do Lomo Walks and Meetups. Members have come and gone, but there is a nice tight group of members at the heart of the group now.

Here are some photos from our various meetups.

The end of last month saw my first year as a ‘Lomographer.’ It was one full year since I walked into the Art Gallery in Auckland and saw a shelf full of film, fisheyes and the camera that saw me return to film photography: that beautiful Diana F+. You never know when you try a new hobby just how long it will last and how devoted to it you will become. A year is a long time. I look forward to many more.

Some favorite shots from the year.

And this month, being chosen as a Lomo Guru. That’s truly brilliant. I wonder what opportunities that will bring? I hope one day to be chosen to test a new product, or see a photo published in an LSI book, or even on some packaging. That would be wonderful…

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