Even Weirder Colours with Cross-Cross Processing!

2012-12-03 3

What do you get when you process negative film in black and white, then reprocess it as colour? You get even weirder colours than cross-processing alone can ever produce! Read the full tipster to find out how!

When a colour film accidentally got into my black and white tank, colours could not have gotten any stranger! Once I had realised that this had happened, I consulted a Kodak datasheet about reprocessing colour film processed as b&w. And so I tried, shocked and surprised at the results.

Here’s how:

You will need:

  • Colour Film
  • Black and White processing equipment and chemicals
  • C-41 processing equipment and chemicals (you need a separate bleach and fix, blix wont work!)

Step 1
Shoot your film. A colourful subject is best.

Step 2
Process the film as black and white.
It is best if you do this yourself, as a lab will not reprocess for you.

Step 3
Reload the film once dried into the reel, then bleach in C-41 bleach for 5 minutes at 38degreesC

Step 4
Wash for 10 minutes under running water

Step 5
Re-process as standard C-41

You will now have some negatives. Dry them, scan them and enjoy!

What I used:

  • AGFA Optima 200, expired 2007
  • Rollei Digibase C-41 kit
  • Kodak D-76
  • Kodak Polymax Fixer

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  1. keefmarshall
    keefmarshall ·

    Interesting! What happens if you don't do the first bleach step, (step 3), I wonder?

  2. gndrfck
    gndrfck ·

    Talking about b/w processing you mean developing and fixing? or just developing?

  3. marlonaha
    marlonaha ·

    Can't the lab do the processing?

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