Cloned Video Animations by Erdal Inci

2012-11-21 2

Photography is one of the ultimate keys charting your memory. Using still images can often times be more flexible than moving ones as they allow you to recreate what went on through your own narrative! Turkish filmmaker, Erdal Inci, made series’ of videos, put together by “sequentiallyarranged photo frames”. Turn your beloved photograph into something whirling, in your brain and in video form!

Image via Erdal Inci

Turkish filmmaker Erdal Inci shows us that life is full of repetition through his motion graphic gifs. He uses video as an instrument to explore “the phenomena of motion, time, and rhythm”. “The Circular Echo”, seen above, stars Inci and is composed 32 frames for a one-second motion graphic that’s endlessly looped. Isn’t it interesting to look at another person’s life through this medium? Do you ever have moments in which you go about your daily life unconsciously?

Image via Erdal Inci

Looking at these lights, endlessly flashing about in a dark room totally reminds me of a horror flick! Think, you can achieve this effect using the light painting technique! Create amazing light painting motion graphics with the LomoKino as your tool to explore motion, time, and rhythm! Do you know any other techniques with LomoKino? Share with us under the comment box below!

Image via Erdal Inci

Remember the Deadline of The 1st Hong Kong LomoKino Festival is 31 December, 2012! Join us in showing your story through the LomoKino! Submissions are welcome worldwide!

Image via Erdal Inci

Do you have a secret story, a story of Hong Kong, or your own story to define happiness? This is a great opportunity to share your story with other Lomographer’s and local directors in Hong Kong, during the festivals! We look-forward to your work!

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Information for this article was taken from colossal and Visual News

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