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2012-11-20 21

He takes photographs professionaly but would like to have Lomography as something very personal to him. He is brilliant when it comes to the technical side of photography but definitely still got that creative flair.

And with the year almost coming to an end, we interview Miroslav or emkei in our Community as our Holiday LomoAmigo. Let us hear about his 2012 and snippets of his 2013!

Credits: emkei

Holiday LomoAmigo
Name: Miroslav Kusovsky
Location: Slovakia

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

My name is Miroslav Kusovsky, I live in Slovakia in the town of Trnava. I take pictures of social events for many companies and I also take pictures of bottles of vine for a living. I love Lomography, photography, watching good movies, reading books (mainly sci-fi) and also listening to music. I like nature and people. I am a vegan.

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you find out about the Community?

I got interested in Lomography in the summer of 2009 when I made my first pinhole camera through following instructions from the [internet.] Before then, I only used a digital camera. From that time, I mainly took analogue photographs and they are my favourites. The Community I found through the internet but I can’t remember how exactly it was!

What are your plans for the holidays?

I have no exact plans for the holidays. I usually stay at home and spend Christmas time with my family. And I definitelly will take some pictures, because that is my life. I really like the Christmas atmosphere, the lights, the people in town, etc. so I am definitelly going to go there and take photos!

Popular Lomographs in his LomoHome!

Any New Year’s resolutions for 2013?

Oh I never make long-term plans because I try to live at the present time. But actually, I have one resolution. I would not call it a New Year s resolution, yet I have the plan. As I am vegan now and I want to proceed with this lifestyle, I plan to go further and become a raw vegan, which I suppose is the best way to get further inside. Of course I am not going to persuade anybody about this – I think that everybody has got to find out for themselves – but it works for me and it is the best way for me.

If you could recommend one movie and one song to everyone, what would they be?

Tough question for me, because I consider myself to be a big movie fan and I love music as long as I remember. I have many favourite directors, for example: D. Lynch, S. Kubrick, A. Tarkovskij, A. Kurosawa, E. Kusturica etc. But If I had to choose only one movie, I would have to say “Blue Velvet” by David Lynch. I love that feeling when it takes me away on the waves of dense atmosphere :)

And the music? I always have listened to the underground music, never commercial stuff. So I grew up on punk rock music – Sex Pistols, The Expoited… Later I started checking out the electronic scene, mainly techno, because I assume it to be most creative when together with dance. Now I like most the minimal techno. And I still like the good old punk. If I had to name only one song, I would have to say the real punk classic song by the Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the U.K.

What’s your favourite analogue camera to shoot with? Why?

My favourite analogue camera is by a long way Canon A-1. And why? Because I love it! It is right up to my hand and a man can control everything if he wants. You can use full manual controls if you want to and if you don’t, the aperture or shutter priority is also very good. It has great facilities, which you can easily get on the net. And the pictures from this camera are just perfect.

Photos from emkei’s Canon A-1.

What’s the next camera you’d like to get your hands on?

There are several cameras I really would like to get. For example, the Horizon Perfekt or the Polaroid 600 SE. But as I see it, from the financial point of view, I am most likely to buy the Lomography Sprocket Rocket. :)

What’s your favourite memory from this year?

I think – when we were at the plaza and our hockey players came back from the world championship with the silver medals and I was there and was taking pictures of that sensational atmosphere. People there were fantastic, so happy and cheerful. It was amazing.

And now for the toughest question – What’s been your favorite photo from the past year? Why?

A very tough one. Well, I think that at the first place would be Lomographer’s jennson.

Credits: jennson

And why? I really like redscale. And when you take the picture of something red with the redscale on, it is astonishing. And jennson also masked the film with some writing which was really creative. The final picture was terrific!

Any holiday shout-outs or tips for your fellow Lomographers?

Dont be afraid to break the rules! But before that, you need to learn them so you know what you want to break :D And do have at least one camera with you all the time. Take it everywhere! Enjoy yourselves, my best Community! Enjoy the life, love, and world. :)

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