I'm Dreaming of a Bright Christmas: Holiday Travel Guide to Asia


A month until Christmas! Have you started to plan for your holiday? Instead of traditional activities, how about a new experience at these never below zero degree locations in Asia? Instead of joining the tons of street shoppers on a cold Christmas Eve how about a relaxing trip to a warmer climate? Here is a photo travel guide by Lomographers for Lomographers!

Kenting National Park – Taiwan

Credits: neja

Kenting National Park is Taiwan’s oldest national park. It’s one of the most well known resorts in the country. You’ll find little guest houses surrounded by the lush nature. Hiking, swimming, and more adventures are ready for you to enjoy during your stay at this beautiful park!

Credits: umi, ccwu & jeansman

Okinawa – Japan

Credits: oceansky, joh & luchisuki

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. Famous for its indigenous Ryukyuan music as known as “Shimauta”, you’ll enjoy the unique tunes played on the three-stringed sanshin while exploring the subtropical climate, it’s coral reefs, and endangered species!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore

Credits: hlphuonglinh & lawypop

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the craziest-looking hotels in the world with it’s unique architectural design. Would you want to stay here during your X-mas holiday? We can’t even begin to imagine how fantastic it’d be to be able to swim on top of the building with the beautiful night view of Singapore on Christmas Eve!

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Bali – Indonesia

Credits: funfun, antibiotyx, dabai & kuryzu

Bali is an Indonesian province located in between Java and Lombok. It sure is an island with lots of cultural activities. One of my friends told me that Indonesian food has one of the richest flavors in the world. The tranditional spice markets are a must-see (and taste) for all food lovers!

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Ko Samui – Thailand

Credits: hburgess, lotte-lomo-mull, sp1rt & vonjover

Ko Samui is an island in Thailand. If an oceanarium is not enough for you, diving into the pristine seas south of Thailand will stun you as you’ll come face-to-face with stunning coral. Go equipped with your snorkeling gear and the LC-A+ Elite Kit to have a memorable experience!

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Don’t limit your sun and beach time to Summer! Pack your suitcase and have your favorite camera draped around your Hawaiian-collared neck, and step into a cold-chocolate holiday in one of these various locations! Let’s look forward to 2013 with the best memories of 2012!

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