A Bubble Frontier


If you’ve heard about the bubble universe model (Eternal Inflation) the series of photos by Jason Tozer will remind you of the former. We may never know if theories within the spectrum of Cosmology are right, but it’s good to think beyond the books, approach the subject-matter from a new slant, such as a romantic one by looking at Tozer’s bubbles planets after the jump!

Image via Jason Tozer

All of these close-up pictures were taken with a Hasselblad with a 135mm lens. Tozer’s work totally reminded me of the still photography taken on Hasselblad cameras during Apollo program missions to the moon, when it was a feat to see human feet making imprints on the satellite’s surface. They also quite remind me of the planet-like bouncy balls that you used to get at toy vending machines.

Image via Jason Tozer

Lighting is the key word in creating this series of bubble photograpy. Tozer didn’t rely on technology such as “retouching” or “color correction” in the post-edit process. He used a giant dome of acrylic glass to reflect light for greater visibility of the marble-like swirls and patterns on the surface of each bubble. The color of the bubbles are 100% natural. Most of Jason Tozer’s photography is about capturing the moment. You can find more of his series’ on his homepage which include “Ice”, “Smoke”, and ’Breaking Glass".

Image via Jason Tozer
Credits: i_am_four-eyes, kiri-girl, soffici, shoujoai, a_lion & geltona

Thanks lomographers for sharing your fun times with bubbles with us! How about creating your own planets with soap bubbles or other daily objects and capture them with your space-age cameras! Give things a lease-on-life under your creativity and share your work with us on www.lomography.asia

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