Photo + Tulle = Personalized Postcard to send with Love!

2012-12-12 1

I think that as I live in a small house full of envelopes full of photos, it makes my creativity grow! So here it is the second tipster about how to decorate a photograph. To give it an original touch and like in my case, to send it as birthday postcard.

This tipster is easy to explain, but if you are not very capable with crafts, like in my case, then you’ll spend a little more than in the tipsters when I painted the black and white photos .

This is the photo I want to decorate to sent it as a postcard to my friend. I love this photo but I’d like to improve it so… here we go!

What do you need?
1- One photo you love
2- Thread
3- Tulle or another fabric easy to sew

Now, what I do:
First, mark the line where I’m going to sew. Like the photography paper is hard it’s better you to have the points made, it’ll be easier.

If you mark with a pencil first it’ll be straighter than in my case :)

Once you’ve done this, you take the thread, the fabric that will be the frame and you begin to sew.

This is the result:

Paste a cardboard in the reverse to make it more beautiful and write your message or what you want!

Hope you like this tip!

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