Bookinding Project No.3 - Freestyle Ringbound Album.


A simple and easy way of making any size of book that you want, and it can be as eclectic as you want it to be :D

This style of bookbinding is the most versatile that you will find. As long as you can punch a hole in it, or stick it to something that you’ve punched, then you can put in your book. Simple! It can also be of any size, shape or material. You don’t even need to keep the page sizes the same unless you want to, this book is all about choice. Binding rings can be found at most art shops, stationers and bookbinders. They come in different sizes, so pick out the size that is correct for the number of pages you want to bind.

Tools and Materials Needed: (see Photo 1)

  • Hole Punch (can be a normal one, or a screw punch)
  • Craft knife/Scalpel or trimmer
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or pen
  • Papers, envelopes and tags (or whatever you happen to want to put in your book)
  • Card for covers (not that you have to have them)
  • Binding rings

Step One:

Decide where you want to put the holes for your rings, it could be on any edge, and as many rings as you want, though I am just using two because my book is just ver A5 in size. I am also going with the Portrait style orientation. Once you have decided where they need to go, mark it out with a pen or pencil so that you can accurately punch the place.

I always punch my covers first, that way, I can use them as a template as to where I need to punch the rest of my papers, so I don’t need to keep measuring. See photo 2.

Step two:

Now gather, cut and order you pages. I have decided to have five sections that have an identical page sequence made up of all different types of papers and materials. You don’t have to have sections, or for that matter put them in a specific order, I just like to.

Once that’s done, use a cover, or ruler to mark out where you holes need to be punched, and punch the rest of your pages. You may need to clear you punch from time to time so that it keeps cutting efficiently. See Photos 3 to 6.

Step Three:

Unsnap your binding rings and gather up your covers and pages and thread them onto the rings. Once everything is threaded on, then snap the rings closed again. At this point you can choose to add things to make an interesting covers, or stick things to the inside pages, like small envelopes or tags. Its really up to you, how far you want to take it. See photos 7 to 10.

All you need to do after this is enjoy your new book, and if you want to, punch more things along the way to add into your book pages.

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