20 Lomo Milestones Part 2: 11 -20

2012-12-07 1

In the past 4 years that I have been using Lomography cameras, I have used a number of cameras and films and tried to experiment with my techniques. Here is part 2 in my list of 20 Lomo milestones.

11. My first LC-A photo.
After 3 years of using various Lomo cameras, I finally got an Lomo LC-A and I just love it, I now take it everywhere with me and I love trying out new films in it too.

12. My first gig photo.
Having a light meter on my LC-A meant that I could risk taking photos inside and the rates of success would be much higher. I’m so glad that I tried it and got this shot, my boyfriend and I go to a lot of gigs so it was fun to capture that aspect of our life.

13. My first black and white film.
For some reason, black and white film never won me over until I started to use it. I love color and the idea of purposefully choosing not to have any in my photos seemed weird. But now I adore it and I find the whole process completely different to color photography. These photos were taken in Liverpool with my Diana Mini.

14. My first multi-lens camera.
I love these multi-lens cameras, they are so fun and they capture moments of time so well, especially when there is movement!

15. My first LomoKino movie.
When I first saw the LomoKino was announced, I knew I had to get one and I haven’t regretted it at all. The first video I made the day after my camera came in the post and although it was just my walk to work, I really love it as it meant I could share something that I did every day in a different, more involved format.

16. My first random dog photo.
One of my favorite things to take photos of is dogs, especially random dogs that I see in places, and this was the first ever random dog photo that I took with my first roll of film in my Holga. Of course I didn’t realize that this photo was the start of something when I took it, but I like that I’ve taken many more photos of dogs since then.

17. My first double exposure with instant film.
I’ve already included a double exposure on this list and instant film, but I’ve added this too as I never expected that I would be able to combine the two together. For this photo I used a Polaroid land camera and used the same technique as I would with any of my Lomography cameras.

18. My first ever camera that I made myself…
As part of my Lomography journey I have learnt so much about film cameras and how they work. One great way to learn more is to build one yourself and I was so pleased that it actually worked when I put a film in it!

19. My first Tungsten film.
I love trying new films and every time Lomography announces a new one I tend to get it and this film did not let me down. I love the tones and results are unpredictable enough to keep me excited about it.

20. My first published photo.
I took this photo in my first year of owning my Holga 135bc and its been included in the FPoE book ‘Still’, I’m really glad that they liked it enough to feature it!

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  1. kasiadkaminska
    kasiadkaminska ·

    Any chance of posting about how you made your first camera? Photos look really great, curious to know the process behind them!

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