US CitySlicker: Making My List and Checking it Twice


Time to make those lists for gift giving and receiving. I looked at the cameras on my shelf and thought about which one is my favorite. It’s a difficult choice because I like them all. A lot of the time, it depends on where I am going and what kind of photos I plan to take.

If you enjoy a wide view then I can’t think of anything better than the Holga 120 Panoramic camera. I love that it uses 120 film. The large negatives are easy to scan. It’s a bit soft on the edges but that is part of its charm. I like making double exposures by turning the camera upside down.

But for a truly wide angle how can you argue with the Spinner 360? It’s fun to use and whenever I pull mine out it attracts a lot of attention.

I also enjoy pinhole photography. The long exposures give a surreal look to many compositions especially when taking photos of moving water or crowds of people. Waiting during the long exposures helps me to enjoy my surroundings and makes me think about what I am shooting.

But of all my Lomography cameras it is the first one I bought that I still enjoy the most: my trusty black Holga 120N. I pop it in my purse wherever I go. I like the soft vignetting in the corners, the 120 format, and the ease of use. If someone was just getting into film photography and they want to use medium format then giving them a Holga would be the best way to start. You can’t go wrong and what a great gift it would be.

This camera is so versatile. With my Holga I can make double exposures or by just turning the film advance dial a 3/4 turn I can create holgaramas.

For MY wishlist: It has to be the new Belair X 6-12. With both my birthday and Christmas coming up in December I decided to treat myself. I can’t wait to get it.

Now, start shopping and remember to throw in a few rolls of film!

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