My Lomo Milestones: Instants in an Instant


My love affair with instant film began right when I got my first Lomo camera: the classic Lomo LC-A. It was beautiful, sturdy, and it came with an instant back. I fell in love. Despite wanting to start using up some rolls right away, the first thing I ever did with my LC-A was putting its instant back on and shooting through a whole cartridge. Just recently, I acquired a Fuji Instax 100, to join the family.

There was something about instant film that I found unique. Maybe it was the nostalgic feeling of it, how it always seemed to register everyone’s best, most natural moments. Maybe it seemed a fine way to add a touch of special to how I kept my memories. All I know is that, since then, I’ve been freezing instants in instax.

From festive holidays and birthdays:

Although I clearly have a problem with using a flash with this

To endless Summer days:

Credits: roxanneross

To keeping track of a growing family:

Credits: roxanneross

To remembering friends that have been far away for far too long:

And meeting new places!

Credits: roxanneross

I hope my sharing brightens your day like remembering these little moments brightens mine. These are definitely special for me, and I hope I can continue to register birthdays, summers, and all sorts of special occasions in Instax throughout the years. And you? Do you have a special camera that takes part in your most important life events? Tell me stuff, I’d love to hear about them!

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