Shoot Now, Eat Later: Do These IF You Are Running Out Of Time


Sometimes, there are situations where you simply can’t capture the meal that you’re about to partake in. But fret not, here are some tips on what else you can do.

Credits: uncle_jay

Every now and then I get caught in a situation where I can’t document what I am about to eat because of the camera’s minimum focusing distance; the lack of good lighting; when I am with a party of hungry friends polishing off the plates before I can shoot; or just simply when I don’t have much time. But I’ve learnt what else I can do during such situations. My solution is to snap photos of the location!

During a recent holiday, my wife and I were late for our breakfast buffet as the hotel’s cafe was about to close for its breakfast service. So here’s what I did.

  1. Take the key shots of the offerings
Credits: uncle_jay
  1. Take photos of the restaurant/cafe settings
Credits: uncle_jay
  1. Take photos of other diners
Credits: uncle_jay

Once that is done, you can quickly wolf down your meal before heading out for the day.

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