Big Utrish, Just a Paradise!!!!


In the language of the ancient inhabitants of these places Utrish – a landslide formed in the earthquake. According to legend, it is here that Zeus struck by lightning in the ground, bound Prometheus to a rock formed as a punishment for that Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to people.

Big Utrish located on a peninsula Abrau in Anapa forest, he is considered the pearl of the Black Sea coast. Mountains and rocky cliffs, small lagoons, clean sea make Utrish attractive place for summer holidays. Big Mountain Utrish unique and like the fairy tale of giants, who have decided to make camp on the shores of the Black Sea, the steep rocky cliffs stretching into the sea hide small lagoon from prying eyes and all this splendor is covered with relict forests of hornbeam, oak and juniper rocky.

The peninsula is the most famous Utrishskiy DolphinariumIn the direction of Novorossiysk has 3 of the lagoon. Here the kingdom of wild recreation – a nudist beach, tents, campfires in the evenings … If you walk on the beach in the south-east of the village, then after 2 km you will see a remarkable sight: a waterfall of about five meters high, right on the beach. Summer here there is a campground. You can come here for the whole day. Here, clean waters and fine pebble beach. And then after 8 km, another a reserve – Small Utrish.Another pride of the Big Utrish is the oldest operating lighthouse on this day in Russia. He was 103 years old. It is located on the Cape "Utrish.

At Utrish is a fantastic place – closed bay where the yacht club is situated. Here you can rent a yacht or a boat, and believe the sea walk along the shores of these fabulous places, bathing in the open sea or fishing you will be remembered for a lifetime! Speaking about the rest of the Big Utrish impossible not to mention the marine fauna, there is a lot of fish in coastal waters of the Big flounder are found Utrish Kalkan, rooster fish, slabs, marine ruff, a large number of varieties kefalevyh and other marine delicacies such as oysters and of course the sea mussel.

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    Superb location and No 13 is great!

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    Waoo Interesting spot ! Perfect gallery ! Yeah 13 is crazy, and 12 is perfect !

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    Wonderfull pics ! Number 4,13,18 and 19 are absolutely gorgeous !

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    great location. #2 is my favorite

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    в свои 11 месяцев я топтала ногами большой утриш! это были мои первые шаги..

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