Interview with DANNY YIRGOU from Diana World Tour Austin


Our Diana World Tour Austin participant and vignette-creator, Danny Yirgou, is one of Austin’s most interesting photographers around! We dropped him a line to to ask him a few questions about his art, and how he came to be involved with the Feuille Foundation and NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. Read ahead to find out more!

Danny’s vignette, which benefited the Feuille Foundation at the DWT Auction!

Danny A. Yirgou
Downtown, Austin, Texas

Photographer, Video Director. This is my first foray into the Lomography world. I usually work with 35mm and medium format for my shoots, and I thrive on experimenting with different cameras and strange concepts. In my work, I tend to focus on personality, light, and surreal blends of nature in our modern day world. I love The Diana F+ because it takes no thought— it’s all an experiment, and it’s always fun. It’ll be in my back pocket for a long time to come.

How are you!?
Doing well, feeling great.

What was your favorite part of the Diana World Tour in Austin?
Learning and playing with a camera I never gave any attention to.

Several original vintage Diana cameras, from the Diana World Tour Detrich collection.

How did you come to choose the charity that benefited from the auction of your print?
I work with a company that lost a great photographer to cancer. I never met him, but he was beloved and I was going through a similar experience within my own family. Peace be with Robert Feuille, and my father.

If you only had one day/night in Austin, how would you spend your time?
Eating food at my Mom’s. Catching a show late-night. Getting into trouble late-late-night.

This is how Danny catches a show!! Photos by Danny Yargou

What elements of Austin (or Texas in general) inspire your work?
I’ve had the opportunity to meet, live, and become friends with some incredible artists in Austin. Experimenting with a wide array of forms, and inspirations have helped my own work tremendously. The community (in Austin, specifically) has been incredibly supportive about fostering talent, and we’re pretty good with egging each other on with new projects and challenges. I love competition— and I think we’re all raising the bar on one another.

What is the most exciting thing that you are working on right now?
Collaborating with creatives from all over the country right now on a couple different projects. I’d like to spread that world-wide in 2013.

Of all the mediums that you work in, which are you most interested in right now? What kinds of materials are you drawn to?
My mediums aren’t necessarily changing as much as the perspective to give the most fantastical or minuscule moments their due with the worst possible camera at hand. I want it to be hard. I don’t want a manicured, fine-tuned look at things. Get the big fancy hardware out of your hands, and do it with one shot of 35mm. Digital pays the bills, but when I’m doing it for fun, I want film and I don’t want it easy.

We’re absolutely in love with Yirgou’s analogue aesthetic! Photos by Danny Yirgou

Any particular influences that helped define/inspire your aesthetic?
Music more than anything visual lately. I’m watching my younger brother grow up and seeing youth through a different lens than I previously had. There’s no cynicism behind him and it’s been refreshing to see what he sees when we’re together.

You seem to have a busy schedule! What’s your best advice to handling multiple projects and staying creative?
Coffee. Lists. Meeting new people. Wake up before everyone else and have it mean something.

What’s the oddest, or most difficult, request you’ve ever gotten from a client?
Anytime a client asks for the photos you’re unhappy with (in addition to selects), I shake my head (and usually run).

Robert Renick Feuille Jr. never got to finish organizing an exhibit of his photographs for the Adair Margo Fine Art gallery in Downtown El Paso. He died of testicular cancer on May 29. The El Paso native was 28, was married, had three small children and had a great desire to turn his passion for taking pictures into a full-time occupation. The website, NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: Fight for Feuille, and the Feuille Family Scholarship Fund were set up to chronicle his cancer struggle and pay for the Feuille children’s educations.

Danny and his vignette, from Diana World Tour Austin!

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