The Stories within Pictures #12: Feeding Seagulls Forbidden

2012-11-30 1

Whether you are in Finland for a year or just for few days, you have to visit at least one of the harbours and experience its atmosphere, smell, vibe, wind and greedy noisy seagulls. But be careful, all the harbours have their little dangers.

Photo by erikagrendel

Penny already found her favourite place for walks. It was a harbour with all its little beauties and little dangers. When she was going there for the first time her boyfriend told her so:

“You could not really miss that place. The noisy seagulls and the mixture of different smells – fish, alcohol and other odours – will guide you there. But be really careful there!”

“Careful? Why? Do you have pirates there?”

“Well, some kind of pirates. Never feed the seagulls there and be aware of them!”

‘Oh, poor seagulls’, she thought to herself that time.

With these words in her mind she set for her little photo-adventure in the harbour. She found the place easily as he said. Ships, boats, sailors, stalls with fresh fish but also seagulls were there. She took out her camera and started to shoot some photos for her harbour-photo-diary. But everywhere she moved were seagulls waiting, because they were already too lazy to go for a hunt. So they waited like vultures for any kind of food to fall on the pavement.

Photos by erikagrendel

The smell coming from Grilli kiosk was unbelievably good. Salmon, herrings and other kind of fish were there bringing juices into her mouth.

“Herrings and salmon are all fresh. They were brought here just an hour ago,” an assistant told her in the small Grilli kiosk.

“So give me some of the grilled herrings and that small piece of salmon, please. And the rye bread as well. Thank you.”

Doubles by erikagrendel and emkei

Penny took the plates and tried to find a place to sit. The small kiosk had nearby some tables and plastic chairs under the tent and some tall tables around the tent. She put the plates full of food on one of those tall tables and looked for some salt.

“Food, food, food.” That was probably the word which was heard in the air among the seagulls.

They were too fast. It was maybe a second or two and on Penny’s salmon plate was one big greedy seagull and another one was eyeing the herrings which already in all that mess fell on the pavement. When Penny hurried back to her food, almost nothing was left there – just some crumbs, fishbone and seagull’s poo. So yes, the harbour can be a dangerous place.

Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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