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Lomography’s Online Magazine Intern, Heiwa Wong, certainly has the prowess when it comes to writing and conjuring up creative ideas. We’ve flipped the roles around a bit and invited her to be among the Community LomoAmigos because of her unique and intimate relationship with nature, which has moved us as I’m sure will do the same to you, and is conveyed beautifully through her photographs.

Name: Heiwa Wong
Location: Hong Kong
Field: Student

When did you first start shooting analogue?
I bought myself a Holga CFN120 when I was 14 years old. And that was the start.

You love cats. Can you share some analogue photos of your feline friends and your stories behind them?
Oh yes! I do love cats! The cat in the first picture is from a hardware store near my secondary school. I visited her during lunch break almost every day! She was cool and rarely gave me responses at the beginning. However, her coolness was broken once she got familiar with me. She often rested in my arms which made my arms numb! The sad thing is that I couldn’t visit her as frequent after graduation. Although I visited the store for couple times last year, I didnt meet her again. Hope she is doing fine :)

What is your current mission in life?
Fulfill my expectations on myself.

What’s your Lomography camera of choice and why?
LC-A+. You will never get bored of it!

3 words friends would describe you with are…
Adaptable, Quiet, Sentimental.

When you photograph, what’s your strategy?
Just go with my mind and don’t worry too much.

If you had to pick one Golden Rule to identify with, which of the 10 would you pick?
“Take your camera everywhere you go.”
I remembered on the first day of joining Lomography, almost every colleague brought their cameras out for lunch. It was really impressive and reminded me that I did the same a few years ago! Since then, I started to bring along my LC-A+ everyday :)

What’s a favorite photograph of yours you’d like to share with the community?
This photograph was taken on my friend’s wedding. It was good to be a witness of a beautiful lifelong promise between them.

Any tips for Lomographers, and for people perusing their creative dreams?
Seize every chance and don’t make yourself regret.

What’s your relationship with Lomography?
Well, I don’t know how to describe it but I am probably in a relationship with Lomography!

written by heiwa on 2012-11-19 #people #nature #wedding #hong-kong #cats #community #holga #lc-a #lomoamigo #heiwa

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