Themed Projects for Analogues: Self-Portrait from Reflections


I was inspired by Adam Bronkhorst, author of Lens Flair, who creates projects with a particular theme that you can try yourself to take really interesting and varied images. Take a look at what I did after the jump!

Hello readers! So, I bought the book by Adam Bronkhorst, an analogue and lomographer user like you and me. He had a themed project where you aim for a specific theme that you can build into a portfolio.

Go grab his book at your local book store now. I bought mine during a book fest in my country, Malaysia, for only Rm 28.90 (which is around 9 USD). It’s brand new and the colors are interesting. I must say, the book had given me ideas, tips, and tricks for my analogue photography and lomography journey.

Here’s how the themed project works!

It’s all about finding a theme and taking it as far as you want to go. You need to find a topic that you can really explore; keep going until you run out of ideas. For example, let’s take vintage cameras as an idea—one photo of an old camera doesn’t really say anything but a series of shots of different cameras can be more interesting, as you can compare and contrast your pictures. A story, a pattern, or narrative begins to emerge. Well, that’s the idea anyway!

For Adam, personally, he had a few things that he likes to shoot. He shoot owners with their lomography cameras and analogue cameras on waist level (you can refer to page 89 of his book).

He also shoot pictures of his self-potraits on arm’s length (page 87). Besides this, he also names a few themed projects that were not included in the book, such as seagulls and pictures of aftermath of meals.

For my personal themed project, I did self-portraits from mirror reflections.

These are a few shots that I have already had using my Fed 5B. I love how the lens are able to focus on the details of my attire and how the front objects are all blurred out. With the focus, the pictures will concentrate more on the object while not having clutter of other things around you. However, it may be interesting if other objects around you are visible too. It all depends on your preferences and style.

Here are some of my work:

Even though it’s typical, it never gets old. So be inspired by your own themes and get creative!

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