My Journey Photographing Children

2012-11-26 5

I think that’s all that I can share from my journey photographing children. I know the result is still not good at all but I’ll learn, especially from all of your amazing children’s Lomography photos =D Cheers _

I have to admit that I dislike children, especially when the little boy starts using their “lethal weapon” a.k.a. loud crying for asking something to their parents. It’s everyday sound pollution that I get when I go to some place with public transportation. Mostly little boy inside of small public transportation in my hometown start crying when they want their parent to get them toys or take them to a playground.

But it’s all changed when my cute little cousins, Nabila Ekaningsih a.k.a. Bella come visit my family on her primary school holiday couple years ago.

She’s so funny, cute, unexpected and talented. She like to draw and her drawings remind me of Radiohead’s artwork album which contain the innocence of children’s drawings. Unfortunately we seldom meet again, because her home is very far in Cimahi, a suburb outside of Bandung, we only met in Idul Fitri, the Big Day of Islamic after Ramdhan’s fasting month.

From my journey of photographing children, I wanna share to avoid using the “tipster” word cause I’m still learning =p, here are some of my sharing :

1. The big mistake that I learned from photographing my cute little cousins was I shot it from above which made her cuteness disappear, so please shoot your adorable one with your position below your cute children to make their inner cuteness stand out.

2. It’s still a dilemma for me where should I ask the object’s permission or should I shoot them without asking. If I ask their permission and they say yes, they will pose for me which I dislike because of their artificial pose. But if I shoot them candidly, the possibilities are they will be angry at me, or they will express their shocking face which is an ugly look. It’s two of the biggest possibilities when you shoot a Lomography camera without a zoom option such as mine, namely the La Sardina, Fisheye, and Horizon Perfekt. Fortunately this cute little stranger posed naturally =)

3. Children are unpredictable. Their pure innocent heart makes them unable to differentiate which one is good or bad. It’s their parent’s fault if their children does something dangerous, like this beautiful little girl that I saw on dark cloudy Saturday morning a couple years ago. She dug up the soil with a sharp knife on her hand alone.

4. Did you watch the Austin Powers movie? If yes, maybe this Mini Me figure reminds you of the famous sentence “Like Father like son”. Yes, children are the best copy cat creatures in this world. So be careful when you do something bad in front of your children’s eye.

5. Most children are very brave if they mingle with their friends. So if they ask or even push you to shoot them, just shoot them even you didn’t want to, because they will pose insanely for you. =)

6. Before we are an adult, a teenager, or older, we were a child. Bringing back my childhood memories are very hard. In my lovely childhood I’m very “don’t think” and a play everyday little boy (actually I’m still don’t think and play everyday until now which caused me being 5 years being unemployed =p), so it’s very important to act like a child again, but if you dare, because many of our similar aged friends dislike our childish behavior =) So, I chase this hardworking little girl and ignore the adult to snap how dedicated she was to collecting this fish.

7. Oh, I almost forget, I don’t know in your country but I have read about photographers who are sued by parents who don’t want their child to be photographed. It hasn’t happened in my country but knowing the rule when you are photographing cute little strangers is important. And this cute little girl, I snapped her without permission =p

8. One thing, sometime children remind you of sweet memories that you have forgotten because of a hectic busy daily life as a teenager, adult, or elder. This girl and her grandpa remind me of beautiful memories of me and my grandpa who passed away when I was 10 years old.

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  1. taufik_rachman
    taufik_rachman ·

    Masih ada mamih di fotonya

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @taufik_rachman : Satu-satunya foto almarhumah mamih pake almarhum holga 135bc, pik T-T kemarin pas epin beli film slide di jatinangor lewat cigereleng jadi keinget lagi. jaman dulu indah sekali pisan, sayang epin jarang motret, terutama rumah mamih yang dulu sebelum kena banjir & artworknya aki Dayat

  3. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    film slide di jatinangor dmn kang?

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @ekeupratama : Di Rizki Insani, orangnya waktu itu ngiklanin lapaknya di grup fb lomonesia bandung,

  5. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    oh kirain berbentuk toko hehe..

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