Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Southern Brazil


The Oktoberfest in Blumenau attracts annually thousands of tourists from the whole world. Since the beginning 1984 it was immediately a great success and the Oktoberfest is today, after Munich, the second-largest “beer celebration” of the world. Already in the second year of 1985 the celebration was misplaced in 2 halls of the “Vila Germanica” complex where it also occurs up to now.

Already in the third edition it was necessary to build up a third hall which one could exclude the streams of visitors from all over Brazil and also the neighbor countries Argentina and Uruguai.

Since 1987, the Oktoberfest became a fixed authority. Visitors from the whole world, attracted through the beauty of the landscape in the valley of Itajai, the cheerfulness of the people and natural through the beer. The beer which moves the visitors 18 days long into its spell. During the Oktoberfest invites the “Polka” mixed with Brazilian rhythm for dance. Celebration without end, 18 days long. And all this with the security of the “first world”.

Blumenau is the whole year over, with its touristic attractions, a worthwhile destination. Even in the winter or summer months, where the population of Blumenau it can itself duplicate now and then, can the city count onto the relief of its convenient hotel concatenation with a bed capacity of almost 4000 beds a well enlarged gastronomy economy with beer gardens, specialty restaurants up to fast food restaurants.

However the October celebration is not only beer and celebrate. It is also folklore and tradition. During the two weeks, the people from Blumenau show the world its rich culture, expressed in the form of traditional music, dance show and typical German specialties.The clothing at this time is for remembering to the ancestors, which one came from Germany to build up colonies in the tropical south of Brazil.

Daily occurs in the “Vila Germanica” halls a national competition of the “Choppitrinker am laufenden Meter” (Beer drinker competition). Who it manag to drink 600 milliliters of beer in one swallow will get a price. The “Oktoberfest” in Blumenau is well known for its first-class service. The cleanness in the festival halls and also the city is exemplary. The Oktoberfest security guarantee that the celebration runs off cheerfully and without riot.. The “Oktoberfest” is the celebration where human being of every nationality and color are meeting. The 2nd Variant of the greatest beer celebration of the world. German culture mixed with Brazilian ones Flair.

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