One of the First Lucky Belair Owners: Mr Liang Yuan Qing

2012-11-16 6

Liang Yuan Qing (梁渊清) is a TV presenter for Beijing Kaku TV Channel and a freelance photographer. He’s one of the lucky Lomographers in China who received the very first batch of Belair X 6-12 cameras. Read all his thoughts about being the one of the first owners of the Belair below!

We bet you had no idea that Belair X 6-12 Jesetter could be so gentle and sweet!

Mr. Liang is one of the very first lucky owners of Belair Jesetter camera, and that’s why he was surrounded by envious Lomographers when he first announced the news online (please read the original article on weibo ). Now, let’s see how he feels about the Belair and how it was love at first sight…

When I first saw the Belair X 6-12 , it reminded me of the kind of camera Ansel Adams might have used. But now I’ve got this brand new camera in hand, like 19 other lucky Lomographers in Asia, my feelings towards it has completely changed.

At that time, I was shooting something with Rococo style. When I placed the Belair camera among the set, I was so amazed to find out that its well-crafted elegant look gives it the air of a French princess who enjoys the warmth of sunshine through the curtains.

I was deeply touched as I recalled the memories about my first camera and all the carefree afternoons I enjoyed with it.

Thanks lyq1985424 for providing the photos.

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translated by gateau

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  1. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Oh man, I hope fedex knocks on my door soon.

  2. tattso
    tattso ·

    Good to see the feminine side of the belair

  3. rhaphazard
    rhaphazard ·

    We'll get an email when it is shipped, right?

  4. dida
    dida ·

    i have tons of rolls waiting for my belair :)

  5. tattso
    tattso ·

    @rhaphazard yes our team will email you once stock is ready and shipped, you'll be notified!

  6. rinchy
    rinchy ·

    Coooooool !

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