Tracing my Lomo Beginnings or... How I fell in love with a Fed 5 camera!


If I have to go in search of my reasons which gradually increased my interests in Lomography, I have to go back in the early 90s, when in a flea market I found a camera that looks weird and that intrigued me. It became my first rangefinder camera!

Gradually, I became interested more and more on Russian Cameras, up to the now legendary"== Lomo LC-A": and the "Lubitel==": This was due to a fortunate encounter, when, in the early 90s, I found in the flea market a camera that looks ugly, pretty heavy, and massive, which aroused my curiosity. I owe everything to my first encounter with a Fed 5!

I was already an owner of a Nikon F301 camera, a great piece of Japanese technology with which I have never been fully at ease. With a few coins I bought this Russian Camera. I tested the camera for the first time during a Christmas Holiday in Italy, a trip from Como to Naples, passing by Orvieto and Lucca. I took with me my Nikon (loaded with a Kodak color film), and this camera, loaded with an Ilford FP4 film roll.

The exposure meter was well calibrated, so the exposure was correct on all my shots.

I learned the use of the split image focusing of the rangefinder asking to my local photo shop… the owner of the shop told me: "Try a roll with this camera, this is like a “Poor Man Leica” camera. You can shoot at 1/15 or 1/30s freehand without the problem of blur caused by the vibrations of the mirror of your DSLR!"

Yes, he was right, the camera was great for shooting indoors or low light conditions!

The lens was a Jupiter 3 (50/1,5), a very sharp lens, sometimes known as the “Stalin’s Sonnar!”

In this article, I will share with you the samples (printed on paper of size 6×6 cm) that I printed after I finished my first roll! As soon as I saw them, I fell in love with my Fed 5…

That was the beginning of my love with Lomography. A few weeks later I sold the Nikon and I returned to the flea market and bought two Lomo LC-A, a Zenit E, and a Zorki 4 camera (I bought an LC-A, the Zenit E and a Zorki 4… and the seller give me as a gift the other LC-A!) Some months later I bought at the same market a Lubitel 166U. Now, I always take with me a Lomo camera!

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