Tracing your Lomo Beginnings: My first steps as a Lomo newbie


There are moments in our life that we forget and others we don’t. The sad moments we don’t forget but happy moments stay with you for a long time. Add some innovation, lack of experience, admiration and color to that moments and suddenly you’ll be taken to the past, to your Lomo first steps.

We were in the year of 2009. Work was going just fine, had money in the pocket and happiness. But, as always, the human mind needs to be occupied with something new, something that gives you a challenge, a challenge to innovate, to overcome yourself and to change. So, I was at Oporto – Portugal, visiting my girlfriend as she worked there in that year. I remember we were in the subway and she started talking to me about some cool cameras which produced some cool effects. That really got into my mind and in the next days, I searched about it in the internet. The cool colors convinced me, and I started buying some cameras for my girlfriend. The first was a Colorsplash which gave me good results.

The main reason some people quit Lomo is because the first results aren’t as good as they thought it could/would be. Now, I have other cameras and other results. But in the beginning I didn’t quit. I continued with the ActionSampler and SuperSampler. The fun was coming out with the results.

Back then a film would last for more than a month. Now I kill a film in few hours. That means I had to spice up that new love. Not long time before buying the first camera I bought Diana F+. As a lot of Lomo-newbies, with no money to buy Lomo LC-A+, that was my first “serious” choice. As everyone, I made a lot of mistakes with Diana F+, mistakes I didn’t know how to explain. But the Lomo fever was starting to gain some weight over me. My first photos were all right for as starter.

Still, those photos were far from what I’m able to do now (no, I’m not a master or a guru, but I can surely handle this cameras better than in the past… I think).

The adventure continued with other newbie ignorance. For example, how could I have all those colors If I didn’t have slide films?! Or just without knowing some films. So my colors weren’t the best, and the mistakes would continue: Bulb in daylight, focusing, off-center objects… you name it!

Sometimes, the disappointment was too much for me. I would get sad and angry. Then I realized that I should dig in the Lomography website for information. It really helped me. For that point on I started to acknowledge that I knew nothing, and the results came out slowly.

It took two years until I bought an LC-A+. After that, I was always rolling on with new, fresh, and different results.

I don’t consider myself taking good photos since I started. I’m just different! We must keep going to find different paths, to change our minds.

See you in the next article!

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