Painting it Golden with Lomography

2012-11-22 1

The joy and celebration continues on with Lomography! From the launch of our bubbly Sparkling Edition cameras earlier this month, to the continuous stream of promos and deals in the following weeks, the lomolove just keeps on growing and growing!

What’s more, the glamorous Gold Edition cameras have reentered the spotlight last week, with two new additions to the bunch!

Back and more golden than ever, these cameras are here to give us more eyecandy through and beyond the viewfinder! So head on to our Online Shop, and snag yourself one of these beauties!

But before that, grab some inspiration from this gallery of golden-hued images straight from our awesome community!

Credits: frauspatzi, satomi, nicolasesc, i_am_four-eyes, hodachrome, maximum_b, sushi_9009, haydee, alex-briones, saidseni, carroserrano, shur, jcwolf, 007-0815-styler, ripsta, eva_eva, anarchy, saviorjosh, lomographics, zizixxx, sandkorn, porkchopsandy, sugiyamasatomi, superlighter, jeabzz, olya_virich, boredbone, masha_njam, lawypop, earlybird, d_i_d, bravebird, albeelee, annelie, adi_totp, zopia, amasharapova, librarybook & hstevens1

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Cool, thanks for using one of mine! :))

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