Team Sprocket's Blasting Off Again!


Pardon the pun, but you read that right! Sprockets, away!

Prepare for trouble and get ready to blast off towards greater panoramic heights with our Sprocket Rocket, now with a 30% mark down as our 20th Anniversary treat!

With a wide range of eye-catching colors and a penchant for making doubles, what more could you ask for?

Credits: singleelderly, maximum_b, earlybird, vgzalez, clownshoes, bananez, davidedevis, dudizm, carloscampos, evon_t, appelmoes, roberdown & tiano

The Sprocket Rocket is the first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And with dual winding knobs for easy multiple exposures, there is no limit to your analogue creativity with this panoramic wonder. Head to our Shop and get the Sprocket Rocket for 30% less until the 18th November!

written by geegraphy on 2012-11-17 #lifestyle #sprockets #lomography #promo #analogue-lifestyle #sprocket-rocket

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