As I Began Timidly with Lomography

2012-12-03 2

The first real meeting between cryboy and Lomography happened exactly two years ago. Read more about it after the jump!

In November of 2010, I began to hear about Lomography, the “lomo world”, and so on. It was my younger brother’s fault! I was in his house in Turin when he took the computer, typed the word “lomo” on Google, and said to me, “Here, look.” At that point I asked curiously what it was and why we were talking about it. He said he had seen around some colored plastic cameras, similar to "toys, but are really working. In my mind, I said, “I want to know more!”

The next day, I was with him in a photo shop to admire and drool in front of the shelf dedicated to Lomography! Since that time, I decided to buy a camera. I started to do some research on the web, about various models, on the different characteristics of each, and in doing so, I learned about a process called x-pro too! After I have thoroughly studied all models and checked my finances, I bought my first lomo camera in January 2011. I wanted something extreme, with some with black corners, so I decided on the HOLGA 135 BC! It was my first lomo camera, unique and inimitable…. I very much liked it! After the first test rolls with the classic Kodak Color Plus films easily found everywhere, the results with a mood so nostalgic hypnotized me.

I started to get more familiar with the varied world of film and developing in x-pro to recognize the best conditions to shoot. Here are my recent photos, also taken using Holga 135 BC:

After that it was a continuous increase of cameras and shots with different films. The next step is definitely to purchase a scanner for negatives! Today, I have about 20 cameras, almost all of them are different from each other. I try not to have cameras with similar features, and take turns to use them all. I take a look for each of them everyday, even when they are parked on the shelf, obviously! I think that Lomography has caused me addiction, and I also learned to get more involved with developing films at home!

Today, I develop black & white films and color films myself. I recommend for everyone to try it because it opens up an infinite number of other worlds. It is all about experimentation and that is the beauty of lomography!

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    I love the one of the guy on the beach sitting under an umbrella!

  2. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @twinklecat thank you! :) That man is my father! ;)

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