Shots Before Meals

2012-11-23 3

Here are some suggestions in taking photographs of food.

Nowadays, a lot of people find eating experience incomplete without taking a photo of their food first. Every time I log in to social networking sites, I see a lot people posting and tweeting photos of what they had for lunch, or what not. Question is, why? Do we simply want to share to others what we are having? Are we intrigued by how artful the presentation is? Are we conscious about our diet and want to keep track of it? While you are at it, here are some suggestions:

Groceries and Market Places

Why wait for food to be served on your table when we can take photos as you shop for them? I especially like taking photos in the vegetable and fruit section, as you can see.

While We Wait

As you wait for food to be served, you can start snapping at your beautifully set table; especially when you are attending a reception or about to enjoy fine dining.

The Art or Food Presentation

When the food is served, the first thing we appreciated is how it is set in the plate. The way food is presented, is an art on its own; and surely deserves a snap or two.

Home Cooking

Some us cannot always afford to eat in restaurants; but it’s ok. Actually, there is also joy that home cook meals can give us that no amount of fancy dining can give. Home cooking will always have that magic ingredient: love! Their presentation may not be at par with those served in restaurants, but they taste as good, if not better. Show your appreciation by taking photos that they so deserve.

Shoot Local

One interesting aspect of culture is the kind of food we eat. So take photos of delicacies that are indigenous to your place and share them to your global audience.

Enjoying Food

What good is food if it is not enjoyed by people. Don’t just take pictures of food; include people who are enjoying them. With this, we know that food don’t just look good, they actually taste good.

Writing this article suddenly made me hungry, so I am gonna grab a bite now. Better not forget my camera.

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  1. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Awesome and delicious snaps, @renenob! :)

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    renenob ·

    I forgot to title this article, LomoLamon @plasticpopsicle

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    LomoLamon! Haha!

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