Tradition Can Be Part Of Your Creation!

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Things are changing with each passing day and inevitably some people may regard traditional culture and customs as being outdated. However, everything has two sides and we cannot deny that we are still under the influence of tradition! Batik is surely a good example!

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Do you know what Batik is? No? Then let me introduce it in another way. Whenever you travel in Indonesia, have you ever been grabbed by those interesting and traditional patterns of the clothes that people are wearing? Bingo! They are what Batik refers to!

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Batik is an Indonesian traditional cloth which has remarkable meanings in the Javanese society. Commonly seen colors of it are indigo, dark brown, and white which represent the three major Hindu Gods. However, the colors of “pesisir batik” which are from the coastal cities of northern Java are very vibrant. This is because they are inspired by varied cultures such as Javanese, Arab, and Chinese!

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Different patterns on Batik show the difference in perceived social status and region. Traditionally speaking, some patterns like wider stripes or wavy lines of greater width indicate a higher social status and can only be worn by nobility. And patterns vary according to region. Mostly, patterns incorporate things that people can observe in everyday life such as flowers, animals, and even people.

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Batik is such a significant signature of traditional Javanese culture, so it’s not surprising that Indonesian fashion designers are inspired by it! They apply Batik to their new designs and showcase them to people all over the world during Jakarta Fashion Week! If you are interested, check it out! It runs till 19 November at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. And bring your cameras to snap front-row seat shots!

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    wow!! great article! I really love Batik and you should check Edward Hutabarat's Batik in Pacific Place Jakarta.

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    @adi_totp Thanks for the recommendation! I am checking them out :)

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