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2012-11-15 1

A large format camera D-I-Y sounds like the challenge, doesn’t it? How about if we told you, you could only use LEGO bricks, duct tape and cardboard! One vintage camera entusiast took the challenge in search of replicating the 1900 photo-process patented by the photo pioneers the Lumière brothers.

Image via PetaPixel

Photographer and vintage camera enthusiast Dominique Vankan built a large format camera using LEGO pieces and cardboard, fastening it all together with the ultra-durable duct tape! Vankan was inspired by the turn-of-the-century Autochrome Lumière (named after the Lumière brothers) color photography process and got his D-I-Y on resulting in the beauty seen above!

The process involves producing glass autochrome plates on which “potato starch grains” are dusted and emulsion spread out on top. In the words of Vankan, “the camera is just an instrument, nothing more”.

Image via PetaPixel

Checkout this b&w shot taken with the camera! And, do you recognize the expandable bellows? Lomography’s own bellows revival is in the form of our classic Belair Cameras. Check them out on our microsite!

For us camera-nerds, the lens Vankan chose is a 180mm Boyer, from an old enlarger. Have any of you Lomographers out there tried a similar feat? Share your story with us!

Please check out Vankan’s Flickr page where you can find out more about his project. Information for this article was taken from PetaPixel

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