Boris the Pass-on-Lomo was a Fashion Victim


Boris spent the week with Dutch designer Patricia Hofstede. The first few days in the beautiful national park the Biesbosch, and the last few days in her atelier in Amsterdam. Here’s Boris’ week in the fashion world.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

*Who did Boris end up with and what’s his life like? *
My name is Patricia Hofstede. Right now I spend most of my time working on my clothing label Bravoure. I’m on the road a lot, for meetings, purchases and sales, etcetera. Either that, or I’m working on some new items and ideas in my studio. I love the fashion world and all the people around me!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

How did Boris end up with you and which assignment did you get?
I was honored to get Boris de DoorgeefLomo from a dear friend, Roxanne Dekker – she gave me the assignment to create a quadtytch: containing a photo of my past, the present, my future and how I see myself. Exciting assignment, I really did my best.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Were you familiar with Lomography before?
My first encounter with Lomography was about 3 years ago when I bought a Diana F+ with loads of accessories. I blame my impatience that I have not achieved the results I wished for in most of my photos. So it’s super exciting to have Boris under my care this week!

How did you like having Boris around?
I really liked to hit the road with Boris. I really like the thrill of analogue photography. I tried my best to take good care of Boris, hopefully the photos will show.

How did Boris become part of your life during this week?
He was with me all the time! Half of the time I spent in the Biesbosch with my family in law. So Boris got to see the wilderness!

What did you like taking photos of with Boris?
It was really nice in the Biesbosch so I hope Boris enjoyed himself. I also spent a lot of time in my studio, so I hope he gained some knowledge on the world of fashion and my clothing line Bravoure.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What did others think of Boris?
Unfortunately I didn’t really introduce him to that many people, but at least I told Boris he’s welcome to stay over some other time!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What would you like to be the assignment for the next owner?
Shoot some photos from an impossible angle or position!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

See all photos taken with Boris by Patricia in “this”: album. Every three weeks you’ll be able to read and see in our magazine what Boris has been up to with his new hosts. A little impatient of just too excited? Follow Boris on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.

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It’s not a secret that Boris is just a very good looking Lomo LC-A+, known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. You want your own Boris a.k.a. Lomo LC-A+? Order him through our online shop!

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translated by desibel

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