Introducing Lobster Redscale Color Negative 110 Film & the Digitaliza 110 Scanning Mask!


Lomography’s on a roll when it comes to reviving 110 format. This week, we’ve released the Lobster Redscale 110 Film and the Digitaliza 110 Scanning Mask – perfect for all you 110 format lovers out there.

Lobster Redscale 200 ISO 110: A Snapping Sensation

A perfect film to make copper-colored pictures with a flaming glow, Lobster Redscale 110 Film has a warm personality which will brighten your days with ultra-vibrant snapshots.

Get out of your day-to-day photography routine with this professional quality 200 ISO redscale film. Use it with the Diana Baby 110 and Fisheye Baby 110 cameras and of course all other 110 cameras – its vibrant colors and fiery extravagance surely won’t let you down.

DigitaLIZA 110 Scanning Mask: Convenient Scanning at your Fingertips

Scanning 110 film doesn’t get any easier! Say hello to the new Digitaliza 110 Scanning Mask. The latest accessory from Lomography holds your 110 negatives perfectly in place and allows you to scan them hassle-free. All you require is a flatbed scanner with a backlight unit.

If you know how to make a sandwich, it will take you no time at all to master the Digitaliza 110 Scanning Mask!

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