Lomography UK Presents: Let's Play Sardines!

2012-11-14 1

Lomography UK is delighted to announce a new creative, collaborative exhibition with the cream of the UK’s leading designers, artists, creators and graphic-heads. Read on for a sneak peek at our big project for 2013!

The La Sardina DIY customised by Chris Howker

Sardines, not just a fish, but also a Victorian parlour game still popular at many a party in the UK. A bunch of cool people cram into a wardrobe or other confined space, and hide out in the darkness until they are discovered by the seeker.

Taking this concept, we decided to create an exhibition where you become the seeker, and uncover a hidden stash of treasure, namely our La Sardina DIY cameras, customised by some amazing people, including…

Whew, what a line up! The exhibition will be a collection of around 25 DIY La Sardina cameras; customised by some of the most interesting artists, illustrators, creative types and good-time Lomography friends that the UK has to offer. Each camera will be a one-off and will be available to see at all three Lomography Gallery Stores throughout the UK in early 2013. Watch this space for more details!

The La Sardina DIY customised by Chris Howker

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Can’t wait to start pimping your own La Sardina DIY, then order it now from the online shop! Mix and blend some artistic talent and customize it to your own taste. The changeable fronts and the ink permeable material gives you all the freedom you need. Let your fantasy go wild on the La Sardina DIY!

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