Tracing My Lomo Beginnings: SuperSampler in Action

2012-11-29 1

When I first got my first lomo camera, my beloved Supersampler Rubberized Blue (R.I.P.), I knew shooting with it was going to be so much fun. But it turned out to be even better! The full story of my very first lomo-love after the jump!

Credits: tikismeekis

To be honest, I don’t really remember how I happened to be sitting in front of my laptop looking at multilens camera pictures (ActionSampler pictures, If I can recall correctly) and thinking, “Wow! These are sooooo cool!”

What I remember is clicking the Lomography site link on the page without hesitation just to discover that there were more of these cool cameras, and each of them made different kind of pictures!

It never occurred to me the idea of having four photos in one frame. But looking at those pictures it felt that a universe of possibilities just had open before my eyes! How many cool pictures can be taken with this camera! I loved the SuperSampler so much, and the fact that you can make four photo stripes in one frame to compose a still mini-movie. I wanted to try this so badly!

Credits: tikismeekis

I, then, discovered that there was a Gallery Store in Barcelona, 30 minutes away by train from my hometown. So it was decided I was going the very next day to get that super cool SuperSampler camera (it was summer and I got plenty of time in my hands).

The only worry that was buzzing in my head was the film thing. By then, my old Nikon film camera had been lying in a shelf for years, and I wasn’t sure if getting film and developing it was going to be an easy thing any more. But when I arrived to the Gallery Store, those worries kind of vanished. There were so many cameras, with so many shapes and colors, and packs and more packs of film to choose from. I put my hands in my beloved SuperSampler Rubberized Blue, asked for a little advice to the attendant, and anxiously went home to try it (well not really home, just outside).

Credits: tikismeekis

Once I finally got the film loaded, it felt a little weird not having a viewfinder or a screen or something to look through. But in the end, this was the funniest part! It felt so spontaneous shooting without thinking so much. Just point and shoot (four times in one!).

The first results weren’t the best ones, but worth all the fun I had!

Here trying to get some movement:

Credits: tikismeekis

Or trying to make some SuperSampler composition:

Credits: tikismeekis

Or just experimenting with the camera:

Unfortunately, this camera broke some rolls after. And although, by then I already had more Lomo cameras (Fisheye 2, Holga 135BC and Lubitel) I loved my SuperSampler so much that I ended up buying a new one shortly after. She is back in the family! However, I still keep the old one (I have no heart to get rid of her)!

The SuperSampler, the queen of multilensed cameras, is now in “bright blue”: It takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed 35mm photo. See all SuperSampler colours and designs in our Shop!

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