The Rooftop of Milan's Cathedral


135 spires, innumerable statues and gargoyles

This is the fourth largest roman church in the world. His construction begun in 1386 by the order of the prince Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and took over four hundred years to complete. This gothic cathedral is 157 meters long, 40.000 people can fit in his interior, has 3400 statues and more than 700 figures inserted in the marble alto-relieve.

But the most amazing part of Milan’s Duomo is the rooftop! You can use the stairs or the elevator. The rooftop is covered by 135 spires, innumerable statues and gargoyles, and offer a spectacular view if the entire historic centre of Milan. The steep small stairs of connection allow and make easy the maintenance and reparation works above the cathedral. The terraces are covered with slabs of Candoglia’s marble and they enlarge for 8000 square meters above the majority of the coverings of the Duomo.

The dimension of the main terrace is about 1350 m2 and 70 meters of height; which corresponds to the main nave stand out. This terrace seems to reproduce another Cathedral, which has the side spires as pillars and the dome lantern as a central point, with the Main spire completed by the Madonnina. In fact the terrace is so big that they do music concerts here!!

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  1. stouf
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    Incredible cathedral ! And your shots are perfect !

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    Great review! Fantastic shots!

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    beautiful gallery!

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    That's a good location! Yes it is! #17 is awesome... looks unreal!

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    that is soooooo beautiful!

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    #17 is amazing. great work!

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    great gallery...nice to see this place through your lens

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    excelente location! la número 9, 16 y 17 son mis favoritas!

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    the incredible construction. love Gothic.

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    A really amazing architectural work!

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    Wonderful congratulations

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    have recently been there, too. very impressive!

  15. ipazzia
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    Stunning. I live in Milan and I've been on the top terrace of Duomo only once, when I was a little girl: I reckon I should go back there as soon as possible!

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