David Corio Takes Us on The Road With the Sprocket Rocket

From music photographer to Sprocket Rocket aficionado, follow David Corio on his latest adventures. David recently took a Sprocket Rocket on his travels through Italy, the UK and the US. See his pictures and impressions shooting with the Sprocket Rocket below.

Islington, Photos by David Corio
Wales, Photos by David Corio
Notting Hill, Photos by David Corio

Your images take us on a bit of a world trip, from Wales to Italy and New York among others. What have you been up to lately?

I’ve been travelling as you can see by the photos. I’ve been working in NYC and had a few exhibitions in Italy of my music photos that you had featured in an earlier interview. I am just back from an exhibition opening at Photographia Gallery, Viale Lazio 1 in Milan of some of my old music photos. Check out a video of the exhibition:

You mentioned in your previous interview that you prefer shooting in black and white, how was your experience with shooting in color this time?

It was really enjoyable. Everywhere that I have been lately has been colourful so that has made it easy and when the weather is good that helps as well. Sometimes when I’m looking at something to photograph I will envisage it as a color image or a black and white image so if you shoot in colour at least you can convert it to black and white but can’t do the same the other way round. I do like getting into the darkroom to print black and white negatives though so will start shooting more black and white. I probably need to get another Sprocket Rocket (hint, hint!) so I can have colour film in one camera and black and white film in the other one.

What are the challenges you faced when thinking in color?

I’m used to shooting colour but mainly using digital cameras these days. It was sometimes a challenge wondering how the colour film would respond to the lighting conditions with the camera as I was doing some long night time exposures of 30 seconds and at other times shooting directly into the sun as well so flare may be a problem and colour can change in difficult lighting conditions.

Which is your favorite image of the lot?

I don’t know! I was pleased with a lot of them but I especially like the Coney Island shots as that is one of my favourite places. It has been photographed thousands of times but is always inspiring every time I go there. Also some of the Italian places were great locations and ideal for wide panoramic shots.

New York City, Photos by David Corio
Italy, Photos by David Corio

How did you like shooting with the Sprocket Rocket?

I love it. I found it very inspiring and I really like the shape of the film format. It makes you look at subjects in different ways when you take pictures horizontally and vertically. The sprocket holes work well in the images as well and it can be a surprise when you see what else has been recorded around the holes too. I was really impressed with the quality of the lens as well. It distorts at the edges of the frame but is really sharp in the middle at both focus settings.

Any advice for Sprocket Rocket shooters?

Just to enjoy using the camera and to experiment with the format. As it gives such a different frame shape to more conventional cameras it may take a while to get used to making the most of a panoramic camera but it is so easy to use and the results are usually better than I expected. The camera is surprisingly rugged as well. I dropped mine down a flight of stairs and it is still working fine! I’ve had a few accidental double exposures where I forgot to wind on the film and they have worked out well too. The camera is obviously a bit limited in low light so I have mainly been using 800 ASA film and I don’t use the film frame counter as I had a few frames overlapping. If you wind the film 3.5 – 4 turns that seems to work for me anyway.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

There is the exhibition ‘Live In London’ in Milan that I mentioned earlier and I’m working on a few book projects. One on my music photos from the 1970s and 1980s and another one on my reggae photos from the last thirty years. I’ll be back in NYC in the next month or so and travelling somewhere else in the world with my Sprocket Rocket in my pocket for sure!

Visit David's website to see more of his fantastic rock and roll shots!

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