World's Largest Oceanarium In Singapore


One of my favorite places to photograph is in an aquarium. It’s like walking into another world where the weight of time doesn’t exist. For photographers and time travelers in Singapore alike, it’s great news that the world’s largest oceanarium in swimming our way this December!

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Marine Life Park isn’t just an aquarium but also a waterpark! The park’s Adventure Cove Waterpark contains the first hydromagnetic water coaster ride as well as a rainbow reef for snorkeling! Come and experience the dreamy underwater world and suit up your favorite film camera in its wetsuit!

The park comprise over 100,000 marine animals that total more than 800 species. 60 million liters of water sustains the soon to arrive Marine Life Park! Manta rays, Hammerhead sharks, and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins will be cascading overhead as you float through the aquarium – reason enough to pay a visit!

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Bring your swim suits and get ready for a great many activities and experiences! According to their official website, the Reef Swim gives you the opportunity to snorkel among thousands of brightly colored tropical fish. Quite the experience of a lifetime! Pack that X-pro film and capture the vividness to reel in those memories when you’re back home!

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The Southeast Asia Aquarium will feature the world’s largest aquarium viewing panel! Another record breaker! If you aren’t afraid of getting wet, the Riptide Rocket slide at the Adventure Cove Waterpark is the right place for you!

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The Marine Life Park will surely be an exciting place to explore when in Singapore. Visit with your camera (the latter of which has free admission) and take snap shot after snap shot of your friends as you master steep roller coaster inclines and great the awe-inspiring ancient sea creatures! "

Information for this article was taken from CNN and Marine Life Park blog

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