Instant Nostalgia with Fuji Provia 100F X-Pro

2012-11-20 2

Armed with my Nikon FE and a 30mm lens, I decided to bring along a roll of Fuji Provia 100F. When it finally came to develop the images, I took a gamble and decided to cross-process. That was a great decision.

Fuji always seems to capture deep, rich colors that add just the right of umph to reality. I absolutely love how the cross-processing exaggerates this umph to a whole new level.

Although I exposed these shots to the exact settings of my light meter, the contrast pulled from the film is incredible. Even though the sky is overexposed in some of these pictures, I love the overall color spectrum that fills the frame. With a look like this one, it’s hard to tell exactly what era these picture could come from!

Surprisingly to me, the cross processing did not make the skin tones seem too ridiculous. The green and yellow add an otherwordly warmness to the overall image quality that helps add a heightened sense of reality. To me, it’s a sort of timeless nostalgia.

One of the best ways to see the breakdown of the cross-processed Fuji Provia 100F is in the sky. All of the different shades of green and yellow just blow me away and add such an analogue feel to these pictures.

If you’ve never cross-processed this film before, go out and get yourself a roll. You owe it to yourself to capture the world in this nostalgic, deep shade of green.

written by prestoncochran on 2012-11-20 #gear #35mm #review #100f #fuji #provia #france #x-pro


  1. bard91
    bard91 ·

    i have it, but waiting for the perfect day to use.

  2. prestoncochran
    prestoncochran ·

    bard91, definitely wait for a clear day. It'll be worth it.

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