Getting lost in Barcelona: El Laberinto de Horta


Do you think you know all beautiful spots in Barcelona? Think again! Discover one of Barcelona’s best kept secrets: El Laberinto de Horta.

If you think about planning a trip to Barcelona and put together a list of places to visit, that list will likely include world famous landmarks such as La Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, Paseo de Gracia, Barri Gòtic or even FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou, if you’re a hardcore football fan. And while that list will get you a few rolls of amazing pictures there are quite a few unkown spots in the city that are worth making the time to visit before you take the flight back home. One of those places is El Laberinto de Horta.

El Laberinto is Barcelona’s oldest garden, built in 1791 by the owner of the land at the time, Mr. Joan Antoni Desvalls i D’Ardena, and was expanded and remodeled several times until Mr. Desvalls’ descendants donated the parc to the city in 1967. Covering over 392,000 square feet the park is now a public space for everybody to visit. Any given weekend day one may find parents playing hide-and-seek with their kids and young couples holding hands and getting lost in the maze together, all trying to find their way out while inevitably smiling. It is also a very popular spot for weeding photo shoots and the perfect place for the whole family to have a picnic together.

So if you ever come over to Barcelona make sure you grab your lomo camera and spend an afternoon in El Laberinto with your family, your girl, your guy or your friends, it is guaranteed that you will go back to the hotel with a smile on your face and tons of cool pics to upload to your Lomo Home.

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