US Cityslicker David: My Analogue Wishes, The Beginner's Darkroom Bundle


Do you want full control? Can’t wait for your films back from the lab? Or are you a lab-rat? Then… why don’t you try home film developing?

Shooting film is great, click-click, that sound is the sound track of all my trips. Once you are back at home, you have all these rolls that need to be developed. What are you going to do? You can wait, go to your town lab, and pick up your negatives after more waiting or, you can have the full experience of developing your film at home.

Don’t be scared. You can start with a test roll. Loading the film in the reel in the complete darkness is not easy. You cannot always control the temperature of the chemicals or the developing time. But don’t worry, believe me with that: when you see your first developed negatives coming out from the tank you are lost… You are never gonna be the same person, you are now a Lab-Rat!

Sometimes things go wrong, but still, the results can be kind of magic:

Credits: megustastu

When you are more experienced, you will have full control of the situation. Experiment, push it, develop color film in black and white chemicals, there is no limit!

Credits: megustastu

Are you ready? Then you can start with the Lomography’s Beginner’s Darkroom Bundle.

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