20 Lomo Milestones Part 1: 1 -10


I love my Lomography cameras and I love celebrating, so here is a list of my top 20 Lomography milestones in two parts.

1. My first ever double exposure.
This photo was taken on my first roll of film that I nearly lost when I sent it off to be developed and it is still my favorite double, I’ve never been able to replicate it.

2. My first panoramic photo.
I’d seen so many people taking photos like this with their Lomography cameras but it took me two years to attempt this myself, I’m so glad that I did, you can really get a feel of Paris in this photo I think.

3. My first long exposure.
I’m normally very careful with checking my bulb switch on my cameras, so this photo really went against my Lomographer grain but how fun is this photo!

4. My first Xpro Chrome roll of film.
I have a deep love for this film and I was so delighted that I managed to get some good shots with my first roll of Xpro chrome film. I’ve actually been just as happy with every other roll of this film I’ve used which is why I feel it deserves a special mention on this list.

5. My first Lomo Meetup.
My first Lomo Meet up was in Leeds with some of the amazing Lomography UK team and I had such fun. This was also my first time using an LC-A+. Taking photos with a group of people is so fun and its great being with other people who have the same interests as you do as well, so I would highly recommend going to meet ups to other Lomographers.

6. My first Lomo European holiday.
In 2010 we went to Krakow in Poland for a week and it was my first holiday as an adult where I took only films cameras with me and I loved it.

7. My first film swap.
This is actually quite a recent milestone for me, I’ve seen lots of other photos that had been exposed by two photos but I had never taken part in one myself until this year and I have to say that it was such a fun experience. I love the creativity and also that the results are so unpredictable. I’m looking forward to taking part in more film swaps in the future.

8. My first square format photo.
My favorite feature on my Diana Mini is the square format and I think some of my best photos have been taken in this format. Hurray for the Diana Mini.

9. My first fisheye photo.
I don’t actually have a Fisheye camera but I do have the adapter for my Holga and its so much fun. I’ve always loved fisheye results and its great for having fun and experimenting with.

10. My first instant photo.
I got a Fuji Instax camera as a Christmas present a couple of years ago from my parents and of course the first photo I took was with their dog, Harry. He doesn’t look too happy about it, does he?

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