Check It Out!: Kiss Your Favorite Beatle Poster


The Beatles once famously sang that you can’t buy them love. But on the contrary, one can buy this poster and give them some lovin’!

Okay, in modern times, the idea of locking lips with a cold and flat poster may seem a bit unnerving (or is it?), but back in 1965, one can purchase a poster that featured photos of the Beatles plus their puckers.

Image via Retronaut

Judging from the sheer craziness of Beatlemania, I could only imagine how many young women bought themselves a poster and hung it on their wall.

And also, I wonder if there’s a Spice Girls-version of this somewhere out there. I wonder…

written by geegraphy on 2012-11-12 #lifestyle #poster #kiss #vintage #the-beatles #analogue-lifestyle #check-it-out

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