The First Photograph Taken in Finland

2012-11-12 2

Take a look at this historic gem of a photo that we spotted over at Vintage Everyday and The Crop Factor.

Image via The Crop Factor

Despite looking like it has seen better days, the image above holds a special place in the history of photography in Finland as the first photograph taken in the country.

A daguerreotype made by Henrik Cajander (who was a doctor by trade), the image was taken in 1842 in Turku, the oldest city in Finland. It features a structure called the Nobel House, which was then newly-built, but now long gone.

The image celebrated its 170th birthday last November 3, and to commemorate history, the city of Turku issued a life-size enlargement of the print and had it displayed publicly on the exact spot where the building used to be.

All information for this article was taken from The Crop Factor.

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    Ah, my hometown. Ill try to remember to snap a shot of that location a.s.a.p. aswell - then we could compare present and past times. :)

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