Tracing your Lomo Beginnings: A Revelation at Tate Modern


This is the story of how I stared with Lomography after a visit to one of the many museums in London, where my love for plastic cameras began.

My first steps on the path to Lomography began in the summer 2008 in London after having visited Tate Modern to see some famous paintings by some famous people. As one works through each floor, and ones sense of awe becomes increasingly saturated, one reaches the gift shop on the ground floor. At first sight it looked like a gift shop of any museum, with the usual overpriced postcards of their most famous paintings (Warhol, Matisse, Picasso) but, lo and behold, on a table was a quaint looking camera — a Holga 120, at the price of £89; just like any other museum the prices are pretty steep, so once I had decided I wanted one, I found one on eBay for £9 from Hong Kong, shipping included!

I kept taking pictures with my Holga at various occasions but it wasn’t until this year that I got hooked on Lomo LC-A, and, after watching the Mijonju show on YouTube, where he started talking about that gorgeous Russian camera we all love. One month later I had my beloved LC-A.

written by impaktor on 2012-11-26 #lifestyle #tate-modern #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #lomo-beginnings #tracing-beginnings #mijonju-show

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