Amazing Stop Motion Ad Made Completely with Moleskine Notebooks

2012-11-13 3

If you’re the type who prefers to make scribbles, doodles, and notes on paper and notebooks, I’m sure you will love this amazing stop motion short by a Netherlands based designer for a Moleskine ad. Every element of the stop motion short was made almost entirely with heaps of those beautiful Moleskines, so if you’re interested, read on to watch it and find out more!

Photo via This is Colossal

The digital age might have made it easier for everyone to plot plans, organize schedules, and even make it easier to share doodles and drawings, but there’s something about writing down on paper that we just can’t leave behind. I’m one of those who still prefer putting down my thoughts and such on paper, and like the many others, I like Moleskine notebooks too. So, when I spotted this amazing stop motion short for a Moleskine ad by Netherlands-based designer Rogier Wieland, I was thrilled and thought it needs to be shared to all you paper and notebook lovers out there. Watch below:

Pretty neat, don’t you think? There’s also a behind the scenes clip that you can watch right here to see how much creativity, hard work, and effort were put into making this beautiful stop motion short.

All information for this article were sourced from This is Colossal.

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