Holga 135bc + Lego

2012-11-20 6

Holga 135bc + Lego “Modification”! Basically this modification allows me to grip things like a CD or cardboard (and loads of others things to be able to use as a filter)

While browsing through random old cds and dvds, I found some empty ones and got curious how photos will turn out to be by using them as filters! The idea came to me as the reflection from the discs might give a glimpse of the camera I am using. So the photos might have the reflection of the camera itself! and i can try both sides of the discs as they have different colours! ==.== Furthermore, i shot with this filter with my first roll of redscale! Can’t wait to see the results…will post them when i finally develop them after i finish the roll :D

Here are the photos of the modification:

The 2 rubber tires serves as a grip for the camera

Credits: raylemon

This serves as a grip for the filters eg. CD/DVDs/Glass/anything!

Credits: raylemon
Credits: phoenix1206
Credits: raylemon
Credits: raylemon
Credits: raylemon
Credits: raylemon

Here are the results! (CD Filter)

Credits: raylemon
Flourescent Light
Credits: raylemon
My good friend Majorie
Credits: raylemon
SG Lomography Gallery Store

The shots did not turn out as I have expected(I was just getting started on lomography back then) but the effects were quite interesting!

Then, I removed the CD, and used the grey piece which was used to grip the CD and put it right in front of the Holga Lens (fits just nice!)

Credits: raylemon

Sorry @aletheafu! Had to use your photo for demonstration purposes again, cos’ it’s the only one that worked :p thanks anyways!

Credits: raylemon

This is one of the ladies at SG Lomo Gallery Store, but I forgot to adjust the focus and now I don’t even know who it was anymore =(

Anyways, If anyone of you have any lego pieces/CDs lying around, why not give it a try? =D

Have a nice day and Lomo on!

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