First international Trip on a Plane - Leonardo da Vinci Airport!

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Yes, to get to Rome I had to cross Simon Bolívar airport and then I arrived to Barajas, but only when I was coming back home I got the chance to snap around Fiumicino (FCO) on redscale film!

Leonardo da Vinci airport, also known as Fiumicino after its location, is the largest in Italy and the one I was in for my tookoff from il Belpaese.
It’s named after one of the greatest geniuses of human history: Leonardo da Vinci, who designed the first prototype of an helicopter and also a flying machine with wings.

Credits: le_ors

Fiumicino is about 20 to 25 minutes from Rome by car or 30 to 45 minutes by train from Termini. The second option is a likely one if you have plenty of time (or if you’ve arranged your train connection), Leonardo Express departs from Fiumicino twice every hour, but if you’re not (or if there’s a strike) you can also take a taxi or a private bus, these leave every 30min from the airport and arrive to Termini train station in Rome.

That day there was a transport strike and as we weren’t so sure how long it was going to take us to arrive to the airport so we decided to take a cab to the airport. We arrived very early in the morning. My flight was leaving at 10 o’clock and after passing through all migration controls I had to wait still two hours so… I decided to walk around Terminale 3, here there are some redscale pictures (also of the takeoff!)

Credits: le_ors

So many nice memories from my trip to Italy… so beautiful to leave the country with that spectacular sight from Tirrean sea.

Arrivederci Italia!

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