Take pictures to the Children: Alessio and Claudia

2012-11-22 3

Photographing children is always fun for those who take the picture, but especially for children who find themselves a new “toy”, your camera indeed! How do they behave when Alessio and Claudia meet the holder of the camera? Let’s find out …

My nephew Alessio has just turned 18 months! During this year and a half, I have had many opportunities to photograph him. I always enjoy shooting more than knowing the results of the photo. The reason? Simple… For Alessio, the camera is nothing more than a curious thing, a new “toy”! Photographing children is definitely fun but it can be very difficult, as it is virtually impossible to get them to pose. If they are quiet for just 2 seconds you can already feel lucky. That ’s why they often come out in photos with absurd faces, sometimes unwatchable faces, sometimes they do funny faces that make us die of laughter (okay, a little bit is also about the adults who make fun of them!)

If you have a little bit of luck and you can figure out how to get them, they can make you a great franchise: strike a pose!

Otherwise, it is more likely to immortalized during their leisure time, which is always intent on their games or while watching curiously straight into the lens of your camera!

She is Claudia, beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, a real model! Since Claudia is a bit bigger than Alessio and is also vain as all the girls, with her is easier to take serious pictures.


Ok now it’s time for some tips:

  • If you are dealing with rowdy tots (and most often are) you’ll need a camera that’s fast and easy to use. A point and shoot automatic, where there is no need to focus and adjust shutter speed and aperture, is ideal to capture the moment.
  • A fisheye is recommended if you want to be sure that when shooting up close the face of the child is full. Because the baby is a moment in front of you, a fraction of a second after the baby disappears and knocks on the shoulder from behind making a fart!
  • Try to get close to them calmly, play a little bit with him and then, when it will be forgotten and he is playing again with their games, ready with your finger on the shutter button, give him a whistle and take a pic immediately!
  • If you shoot from the bottom the result will be a giant who goes out to conquer the world!
  • Do not use the flash in close proximity with them, bothers too adults let alone them!
  • Let see these pictures to the same children …. twenty or thirty years after in the time!
  • Every now and then have them press the shutter button of your camera, maybe you find that is more able than you!

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  1. freshmeat_omd
    freshmeat_omd ·

    Troppo fighi i bimbi!!!!!!!! :D

  2. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    grazie @freshmeat_omd ;)

  3. atria007
    atria007 ·

    oh mon dieu what eyes!!! 0.0..great pics and article =)

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